Did you know that Doctors of Behavior Health are doctoral-level experts in the integrated behavior healthcare setting? You may find a Doctor of Behavior Health working in an integrated healthcare setting playing multiple roles; from a director to a consultant. One of their primary roles is to consult and collaborate with other medical professionals focusing on patient-centered care. Through rigorous training, they acquire the knowledge and skillset to design cost-effective health programs that are used by medical professionals to treat chronic and comorbid conditions in patients.

Because these medical professionals hone a set of skills they rely on to be most effective in delivering their services, they are one of the most significant members of the interdisciplinary team. Integrity, trustworthiness, accountability, and a sense of equality are some of the skills and professional characteristics that they possess. Integrity counts when patients' lives are at stake and the team of professionals must be held accountable for the delivery of the most effective treatments. Doctors of Behavior Health are also trained professionals who are qualified to administer evidence-based screening, assessment tools, and behavioral interventions that are appropriate for primary care and mental health settings.

Healing the whole person is a way that I view Integrated Healthcare. Their philosophy is that you must treat the whole person and not simply the disease. Doctors of Behavior Health are behavioral health experts who utilize their knowledge of medical models and mental health modalities to treat patients with acute, chronic, and comorbid conditions. Due to their sense of equality, Doctors of Behavior Health often inspire to find and address social determinants within the healthcare system. The Doctor of Behavior Health’s overall mission is to deliver healthcare to diverse populations while improving access to quality healthcare for all people.


For more information about the role of a Doctor of Beavior Health, visit: https://integratedcarefoundation.org/events/doctor-of-behavioral-health-dbh