About The Therapist

Marilyn Martin is a National Board Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor. She provides psychotherapy to clients who experience depression, anxiety, grief/ loss, self-esteem issues, anger issues, post traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD), and sexual trauma. She treats individuals, couples, and families using an integrated theoretical approach. Those approaches include: Cognitive Behavior, Existential and Acceptance Commitment Therapies. She uses an empathetic and individualized approach when treating her clients.
Marilyn Martin has a reputation for being "authentic and genuine." She honors and respects the uniqueness of each individual all while being present and available for her clients. She begins therapy sessions by identifying and understanding the person and their life journey. From there, she builds rapport with her clients, identifies their therapy goals, then she establishes a treatment plan based on those individualized goals.

"...I provide professional services to a diverse clientele that promote individual growth and positive mental wellness. I understand and respect that each client is different and bring with them a unique life story that is often influenced by culture, values, personal experiences and personal preferences. My hope is that each individual comes to discover a more meaningful existence. You owe it to yourself to live a life worth living...I'm here to help you do just that!"

                                                                                          Marilyn Martin NCC, LPC